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Gosh! I forgot my Charger

Few years into the 2010’s you’ll no longer need to write ‘Take the cell phone and ipod charger’ in your travel check list. Just make sure that you have your feet intact to use the 'human dynamo'. I guess the futuristic Duracell ad would have the rabbit wearing a battery pack wired to a small gear chip to its tail or ears or knee and might run the entire century non stop. The modified tag would be ‘Duracell. Lasts longer, much longer, longer than your life’
Amaron India might show a typical girl-hitting ad, where an old man's car stops on a pitch black road in an unhealthy area. Of course he is accompanied by his beautiful granddaughter. In comes our hero in a flash (bright enough to light the dark road. Also is accompanied by his dark side kick), connects the Amaron battery wires to his knee dynamo and does a dance (trying to impress the girl). While the old man and hero's side kick seem confused that the hero got a shock from the battery, the Amaron battery charges up from the dynamo effect and the car gets a boost. After the usual tagline, the granddaughter does the usual wink wink wink look at our hero and he comments, ‘Bhijili ho gayi' [:D] followed by our side kicks usual mockery 'aour gaadi chal gayi' [=))]
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, February 11, 2008


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