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Seniority's not my style

Years have passed by, and now I am considered as a senior in my community. The same guy who called every 24 and 25 year old guy a Bhai or Anna (bro) and every other elderly girl with their respective names with an 'ie' or 'y' 'ae' at the end (:D), is now called an Anna or a Bhai. A poor girl is being bathed in eggs, milk and the rest of kitchen armory right now as I am writing this post. A year before I was, did, and planned lots of similar events. Now all I do is, go on time minutes before the cake is cut, get received on red carpet with juniors standing on both sides giving me the 'Hi Anna', 'Hey Bro', 'Wazup Hari?', 'How are you doing Bhai?', etc. And as crazy as the age remains, the juniors somehow give me this immense level of respect - I always get the first cake, Juniors take photos with me, I am pushed forward to witness all birthdays, get to taste everyone's culinary skills and give them suggestions, get free tickets to many places, offered plans to spend time at their homes on weekends, etc.

Fortunately today I broke that barrier of age (come on! Seriously am just a year or two elder to these guys and gals), and broke into the party club and made some friendly fun. I made it clear enough to them about the concept of seniority that now as I departed upstairs to my apartment, I was called just Hari by most of them and it felt good. But as I reached my door, a new member of the cricket team, 'Yo Captain! Forgot your iPod' Now that's going to be a huge task!

Off Seniority: I visited nearly most of my friends an hour ago (Fortunately I found everyone gathered in three different places), and yet decided to spend the night at home. I'm gonna watch a couple of movies and then crash. Long weekend ahead with the new initiator prospectively proving to be helpful. A couple of friends are going to perform in tomorrows inaugural function and they need me to be there as a motivation booster (Huh... well I feel the same). The B&W art gallery is opening on the 11th and the photos are gonna be up (mine is also included in it). Talking about photography, found my charger as I moved out of my old apt, but don't expect any pictures, coz am tightening my belt on masterpieces for the photo gallery I am showcasing by the end of 09 back in India.....

Ciao and Enjoy the weekend......
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, February 09, 2008


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