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Pencil Traffic

“Hari we are waiting!” impounded my brain as I walked out of the car stuck in traffic at Upper Street. “Darn it! How did I forget the group meeting? #$@#@%%^!@#” I cursed myself as I walked brisk through the cars.
Tens of feet later, I hear, “Excuse me Boy!”
‘Boy? Huh?’ crept my mind as I twisted my neck towards the voice. I saw this construction worker staring at me with his pad of plans.
“Can I borrow your pen?”
Without any thought, I dwelled through my zipped neck covered sweatshirt (now I got confused on how did he know that I had a pen when it is covered under the warmth of my sweatshirt?) and pulled my parker out. Thanks to the usual gesture of always removing the cap before I give the pen (always ensured that I get my pen back), he said, “Oh Sorry! If you need it, you can keep it sir. I needed one for a couple of hours”
I smiled at him, took my beloved parker back, and walked a step.
Was it the word ‘Sir’ he addressed me with (not ‘boy’ this time), I just stopped and said
“Actually I might have a spare pen in my bag” and before he can respond, I strapped out of my right backpack loop, flung my backpack in a zestful motion, zipped the accessory pocket, and took a pencil out (I wish some Kollywood director was there to copy the style).
“I’ve got a pencil. Is that fine?” smiling sheepishly at him.
“That would be just fine sir” (not the sir again)

‘Dude, the meeting’ hit my thought. I gave him the pencil and started running (as if I was afraid of the stranger).
A confused “Thanks Sir” (not the 'sir' again, the 'boy' is fine), was all I heard.

Catching my breath, I waited to cross Limestone near Arbys and I heard a voice, “Son! Which way is the UK Med Center?”
(‘Boy’ ‘Sir’ and now ‘Son’) and I showed the old gentleman his directions. This time I had to talk faster coz of two reasons – The words, “Hari! Meeeeeting” and “Hari! Traffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic behind the car”

Minutes later I had to do a two second tap dance (the carpet and my leather shoes really glued to the floor) in front of my lab group, as I missed the birthday song of a fellow friendly colleague. At least, they all laughed happily. Worth trying to tap dance.

Off the Meeting Marathon:
‘When COexisting, COnveying INICIDENTS keeps you COnfused, just accept them as COINCIDENCE :))’ – this gtalk status message of mine, gave a record ‘good status message’ count in years. Of course, I had a deep discussion of identifying the thin line between coincidence and intentional signals with my ever convincing roomie (he didn't even know the reason behind this question). I just accepted Denzel as one of the best directors, after seeing Samantha Booke (with an E) give ‘One Tight Slap’ to Henry Lowe (also with an E) in ‘The Great Debaters’. I like the attitude of the girl shown in the movie. No sobbings, no silencing out, no closure, just a straight-simple-clear-slap. Made more sense than ever (at least for me). Finally; 3 posts in an hour of boredom. Back to my journals (got to get the results working out)
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