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Some little things that make my life simply 'AWESOME'. The following is a short communication mail between myself and my research advisor. But before you read it some small facts that you all have to know about me, my advisor and his opinions on my driving skills.
1. If I get a paper in Science and in Nature, he would allow me to ride his car under one condition (strangely the journals are like your degree certificate which takes you only to the interview), I need to abide to all the rules.
2. I challenged him in the second game of the lab bowling tournament that if the grad team wins against his under grad team, then he should give me the keys of his Lexus for an hour (which of course he never agreed to) and passionately saying, I scored the highest in the entire day though I was the least in the first game (as usual, a slow starter but a fast and smooth finisher)
3. He knows a lot about my driving skills and is determined not to give his car to me.
Saying all this I guess it is time to have some laughs.

Mail from my advisor:
All -
Reynolds, Hari, and I will be traveling to Oxford, OH for magnetic measurements on Monday. Because of this and blah blah blah (changing the weekly individual meeting that happens on monday)

An immediate mail from him correcting the error that in fact it's my other lab mate who is going instead of me (I wasn't even related to that project):
Actually, replace Hari with Nitin…

As you all know how crazy I am in reality, I decided to send him a weekend fun reply and it read:
Ah too bad Dr. Hilt... I thought of having a lab vacation in Oxford... I am being neglected from the field trip... Booo Hoooooo..... :-)
Enjoy the weekend while I try getting some Gels on the surface.
Wish the lab some good results from the trip

For which his reply was:
Thanks Hari...maybe next time the whole crew can go...we may even need
a driver..

I had the loudest and longest laugh in the entire year.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, February 09, 2008


Nice one.

Of course, we all knew WAY back in chennai that you had enormous 'Driving Potential' - the way you always handled that motor bike of yours :)

So gud to know that ur 'building on that reputation' :)

p.s you post FAR too frequently for me to keep up :) gd on ya. keep ur tails up.

1:08 PM  

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