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I am known by the friendship I have in me

"Address, Rent, Rent/Head, Bedrooms, Restrooms, Utilities available, Utilities total cost, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Group, Balcony" and a few other columns were what, that represented the excel sheet I named 'House'. As soon as the file opened I remembered what its purpose had been - to find a new apartment to live at.

About two and a half years ago (January 27th 06 if my recollection is correct) is when I prepared this excel sheet. A day later, I went to this house, with the address 453 Woodland Avenue, Lexington and knocked the door. The guy, a short, lanky, ever smiling guy, who opened the door was someone I knew from my math class. Someone who came ten minutes late (always), and yet, managed to answer all the questions involved in the differential equations class. Strangely, for a person who either read the college kernel or copied home work of other subjects, he irrefutably seemed nerdy to me. Though most of the columns in the sheet were marked in a legend that meant 'Not a good option', the column rent/head and group, made me take that house as an option. Luckily, at that moment I believed that there were three other nerdy guys and a complete stranger.

Since the very next day till now, I've been wondering and shaking my head in disbelief that, how bad I judged them as nerdy. It has been more than two years I've been associated with this group and now in two days, the last man standing - Anand who has been the sole pillar of my existence is NOT leaving, but going to be left at a place, from where on, he can continue his career. Two years....... Two most important years of my life he stood beside me for what I was, for what I did, for what I transformed to and now he departs in a fashion that, he had engraved in me a character, a character to question, and also answer my very own confusions. The only word he used to answer all my questions - "SO?" There never had been an answer from him. Whatever I am now is because of what I answered myself, but I would have never thought of dwelling for an answer if it wasn't for his presence.

I am told almost by every good person I've met (everyone has something really good in them if you intend to really see it) that I am a good friend. So if I tell you that if I consider that someone is a great person and friend, then its got more value (if you think am self boasting, then hell yes I am boasting, but for a reason). I consider this short, lanky, ever smiling guy as my Best Friend.

'Best Friend' - strangely the words, just rekindled a memory. Once I was asked or should I put it as questioned from an equally close person, "What's a best friend? And why do you classify friends into best friends and all other friends?" Well I never answered, and shall never try to, coz it wasn't easy to explain in words. It is to be felt, to be cherished, to be remembered, to be taught, to be spread, to live with and in the end to die with. Above all relationships in the world, a friends relationship is the purest form of emotional ecstasy one can achieve and only a handful of people appear so in ones entire lifetime. I am in bliss that I found the most important one, at an young age. Whatever the future might hold for me or for him, these two years will remain as the pillar for what we shall become.

Strangely I am not sad about him leaving, but I do have some tears of joy wetting my freckle spot. (The following statement your about to read, is written about 30 seconds after the sentence you just read). The added wonder of confirming that my lachrymals are working fine and that I finally found when and how to make them flood, is just making me finish this post and walk out to my restroom and wash my face. A person is known by his friends. I am known by the friendship I have in me.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, March 20, 2008


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