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Spring Broke

"Why are you not here? It's spring break God Dammit!" her angry tone was immense enough, that I swear, I would have heard it even if my Cingular signal was lost.

Instead of giving her a reason about my absence, I just told her the truth. And the truth was - "I forgot all about Spring Break" And what was the mistake in telling the truth? I told it on the speaker phone. The next one hour was linguistic holocaust from all my peer (here I mean equally crazy and adventurous) friends who missed me the most. Unfortunately now I hold the blame for spraining a friends ankle, even though I was here having fun reading Mirror Dance, while he ended up going tail down in his hand glider. The punishment for this insane accusation - I'll be hunted and dropped dead [Hey Volkswagen Beatle - U can't even hit a mosquito and now your the chief of this co op =)) You made my spring break]. One more time - Am real sorry Octagons! :(

By the way, what exactly did I enjoy doing, this spring break?
1. Preparing the poster for tomorrow's conference.
2. Proved most of my friends that I do suck in a lot of things and pressing my formals is the worst I suck at.
3. Bought some elastic bands, an Asian bamboo artifact (cheap one) and making a bow out of it. Did some archery practice over the backyards where the train stops till the bamboo broke.
4. Preparing a new recipe (which for safety reasons was in a low quantity) and then cursing myself for not making enough to savor more later in the day.
5. And finally forgetting that I was sitting in Lazyington during Spring break :D
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, March 16, 2008


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