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$#@$%@#$#@%!%^##$@$#@%$#%$#@% is what I wanted to write here in the first place for getting tagged by The Nut. But seeing her commenting Mr. Hollands Opus as one of her favorite movies, made me take the post (It's in the top of my favorites too).

This tag is to mention 6 of my unspectacular quirks I have.... So here goes.... Damn! I hate people knowing about me, before even meeting me...

1. I have this addiction to touch leaves, plants, shrubs, and sometimes even huff and puff leaves hanging off branches near my head as I walk. Since it's started with the walk, I like to skip jump in a fashion over pavements as a style I picked up from my kiddo days. But I assure you all, I do check my 360 before I make such childish behavior... :D

2. It is not hate that runs into my brain when someone (even accidentally) touches my ear lobes, but some kind of involuntary impulsive muscular contraction that makes me hit the person or push someone off my neighborhood. But recently, I've managed to control that emotion by crossing my toe fingers with extreme pressure inside my shoes..... Sounds interesting eh.... :D

3. Lonely elevators are my favorite past times when I need time to relax. When I'm active, I press the top most floor button, and race against the elevator in the stairs (My best win was in a 16 floor building). Be it, even if I get injured, I climb till the last floor to have a feel of achievement. But when I'm tired and am inside an empty elevator, I play "Open Sesame... and Close Sesameee" I do make gestures of a magician as the door open and close..... :D :D

4. "Touchy Topic - But What the Heaven... It's on my character any way" From my recent past experiences with the ladies, I started believing that (it's only MY belief and am not intending to generalize over here) women tend to remember a guy in a particular way (say like serious or funny or sarcastic or gentle or etc) within the first few meetings. They never change their mindset on that guy even after several months, years or even decades (though the guy has infact turned either mature or cool or gone back to his original state, etc). So in order to avoid any potential misunderstanding of the way they judge my character, I, in the very first visit stick to jokes, related to whatever is happening around, and continue with self criticizing sarcasm (note - not on the lady but on self) in language, while my physical actions and gestures tend to prove that I'm a gentleman (like opening the door for the lady, holding up a cab, hand gesturing "Ladies First" etc).

5. I have this questionable mood with people who complain on issues such as the weather which is not under their control. "It's too sultry today. Ahh... I wish it wasn't raining" "It's too cold outside. I won't come out till the sun shines brighter...." "Damn this summer. When would it rain??" etc... All I do is give them a smirk and walk out to enjoy the weather - whatever it may be. Just bask and tan in summer, enjoy the clattering sound of your teeth and the feel of warm breath during winter and the feeling of rain drops cleansing your soul..... Ah.... I need to go for a long drive today.....

6. Truly saying, most of the friends I enjoy being with (when I need answers to my confused questions) are in fact very old people and really young children (on the contrary to what my pals of similar age think). Old people never question my troubles but answer me with their experiences, while young children in a cute way always question about my frown rather than answering me. Either way, I am left with answers beyond my imagination. ....

And now for the tagging part
'A' and anyone and everyone and someone...... Yaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn.... Time for dinner, an episode of Bones, and a slice of cheese cake....

Off the Tag: Guess, it's time to finally continue the good ol tradition of night dine ins in restaurants by going alone (enough trying to find a partner)
Songs: A load of songs are pepping up my oval box. For now, Gum Sum and Meherbaan from Ada, Most songs of Jaane Tu ya blah blah blah, Many OST's from English movies, etc....
Scrubs season 2 DVDs is finally at home, Bones Season 3 is finally downloaded (am going geeky again) and what happened to The Big Bang Theory - I need links to the recent episode

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, May 30, 2008


nice quirks, man.. jumping and touching teh leaves :) scenes fr some good candid shots, i think :)

6:53 AM  

:D :D
I feel like I've done my good deed for the year!!
Heh heh heh

Endearing quirks.. So where do you hide that kid every time you meet 'grown ups'?

2:18 PM  

Hari mama - i have a 100,000 unspectacular quirks :) - i dunno if i can just pick a 6

Dunno what to do - maybe like, il let u pick em for me, eh ?

2:55 AM  

Point 4 was surely read the mind of many guys:-))...and even I love to hate Tags:-P

3:02 PM  

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