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Signature Types.....

I: (flipping the new license) Do you want me to put my celebrity autograph at the back of your license?
AL: (Retrieving his license in a friendly gesture) Hmm... Haven't gone to that state of mind yet. But, when I do, you'll be the first to autograph it.
S/SM (SM coz she's like my 'S'econd 'M'om): (with a puzzled face) What are you guys talking about?
AL: Organ donation endorsement.....
SM: Did you endorse yours?
I: (Gladly expressing my approval towards the program) The very next minute I noticed that option on my license.....
SM: Hmmmm.... (Slowly receding off the conversation)
I: (Thinking - Errrr..... Guess, I should give it a try to see someone go for it) (Giving a big natural 'from the heart' smile) As long as my mummy papa have my body to cry onto, they won't mind about me donating some organs.....
SM, AL, N, J: (Throwing questionable looks on my statement)
I: (Ohhhh Kayyyyy.... Wrong statement.... Either finish it by saying "Noting, jus carry on" or go till the end....) By the time, someone finds me dead on the road, recover my body, 'Sign' it, 'Seal' it, and 'Deliver' it to my parents back in India, it would be at least a couple of days.
SM: So...... (Waiting for me to give them a stronger reason)
I: In two days, I would be bloated. (Used my hands to gesture out how I would look) My hip size would be 40+ and all they know is that am lying there dead.
AL, SM: (not sure what I'm telling them about.....)
I: I accept, my parents, would be really crying and shall be upset about what I did about, donating my organs. But, within minutes, they would cry about my death rather than me losing my organs and that's just the worst case scenario. Now just imagine the best case scenario from "YOUR" parents point of view...
Everyone: (Slowly everyone's eyes started to stare into the wormhole of imagination, gathering thoughts about their respective parents characters and their way of accepting something good in a bad situation....)
J: So which organs, are you donating when you die??
I: Hmmm Good question.... If, by chance, nature allows me to give a decision after my death or if I can come as a Bhooth and tell in your ears, I'd prefer giving everything I can donate, unless otherwise they are squished to pure mutton during the course of my death.
Everyone: (Smiling for the PJ .............)
I: (Satisfied smile and satisfied on what I'm doing....)
N: Hari.... I guess you've got another 100 years to live on.....
I: Huh...... (My mind raced - that means another few dozen PhD's, a quarter century of MBA's, a few post docs and what the hell... Am thinking about being a student for the rest of my life.. Focus Hari... Focus... Try to get the hell outta here first of all.....)

After catching up on the guys returning from the bank, I noticed SM wearing a cool coolers and it looked cute on her. "Aah.... Finally some time for a practical way to make them smile", I thought
Immediately, took my pocket notepad, and opened my pen and pushed J from the way and panted and said, "(panting.....) Autograph ma'am (panting....).... Ran all the way to catch a glimpse of the celebrity...."
SM: (Smiling excitedly as always...) Sure.... (and she took the pen and the note and penned down)

"SMILE ALWAYS THE WAY YOU ARE NOW" and then chicken feeted a signature indicative of her doctorate attempts... (It's strange, why PhD's and MBBS people have very bad handwriting...) But the fun thing was, she made a hat out of her initial and that was interesting....
I: AL... 15 years down the road, Am bidding her first autograph for half a million dollars in e-bay... (and we all bid adieu with laughter....)

Off the Signatures: It's quite odd, that all my 3 recent posts have had at least a statement on death. My Bad, if I'd made you guys worried. I'm doing excellent over here. Excellent enough, to a level that, I answered a sheriff on the reason for my speeding as, "Officer... You know, that the previous 20 miles was under construction zone and there was no exit for me to run for peeing. That's why I was speeding..... If you don't mind, by the time you write my citation, can I go around that bush over there????" and gave a big smile. His smiling reply was, "You can sir. But I need to give you another citation for that too. Do you mind?" for which I sheepishly smiled and said, "No thank you officer. I can hold on for a little longer... I GUESS...." and in a few minutes he gave me a warning (Guess my 14th or 15th) for over speeding.... :D
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, May 28, 2008


glad to know that u endorse organ donation :-D let us help some one else to live after our death :)

2:43 AM  

I've signed away whatever is signable too. Don't see any point in not..

P.S.Don't curse me.. but.. you've been tagged! :D

7:04 PM  

@ Noop: Gud going rider... Only we bikers know the essence of staying alive after a freak accident...

@ the Nut: Hope u haven't signed ur marriage certificate... :D
and for the tag - lucky you, Mr. Holland saved u this time.....

1:24 AM  

Hah! That's one thing I wont be signing in a hurry

Hmm... next time I'll remember to use My. Holland for every tag :D

2:16 PM  

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