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Sleeping ain't an option

Last week had been a complete disaster to my goals - short and long. Reason - Been sleeping a lot. In addition to that I am extremely dehydrated. Even as I type, I am drinking water (against 'no food' rule inside the lab) and yawning at the same time. My mind is having a rainbow spell of its own. The amount of research ideas generated in one week is enough to power up my building (at least my lab :D), while at the same time, it fails to remember vocabulary. It took me 3 whole days to spill out the throat stuck word "Arsenal". Am even fine with my memory problems. But sleeping is just killing my work mood.

With AICHE in a month, new promising results yet to be totally analyzed for the second paper, the new book chapter to be completed in 10 more days, a first ever under grad to be mentored in an entirely new project, MRS in early December and an option to go for paper 3 before or near New Year - Sleeping is no more an option. I am scared enough to even close my eyelids for a minute in the name of "Nap" It is not that I am extremely busy, but if I fail now by sleeping, then I would repent the rest of my life for the one opportunity I missed the most in life.
Anyways, I managed to finally pen some stuff among the slumber shadows (nearly after a month of creating the post). A good amount of positive nervousness is creeping my spine as the days run by. I hope, once again, I use it to finish off things for a better beginning. I keep even my toe fingers crossed for this reason.

Off the nap: I forgot to post that my team won the division II finals and eventually got the championship for the university in 13 years. But the better news is today we bet CCC Stallions the Div I champions in the T20 game with a comfortable margin, and somehow I feel good of my captaincy. Two more knock outs to go for yet another trophy. But I keep my hopes checked. Been pissing off mom a lot, just to keep her at check from pushing me to make a trip to India (which I badly am missing and am wishing to make in early Feb). Dad bought an Alto and took mom for a drive. Now he is really using it to point fingers at my relationship status in a funny way. Jay's all growing up too fast. I hated those 5 minutes of zipped silence when I heard him crying my name Haari at least a million times. I had to back out from even seeing him coz he had to take his medicine. Something stupid is nagging me a lot - I just wish I go back in time and say "Yes and what do you say?" instead of "No" on a question that was shot at me/? I just found out that I loathe myself the most when I miss a perfect opportunity. Crap!! Now I am in such a f**#ed mood that I am going home for a couple of hours nap and this time I am sure to get up and work - if not - I am screwed with a big S.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, September 28, 2008


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