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As the confident tone and the cordial tune set smiles among the various singers in the room, I smiled at the statue that was being worshiped in front of me. A sense of happiness filled me for what I was doing, what I did, and most of all how I did.

It's been about a year and few weeks that I turned into an atheist; Atheist, from this one year of experience, would be the wrong term to use. I need something else to represent what I've been doing. Well, the thing is, I go to temples when friends want to go or invite me to come, I do involve in bhajans with the same old shower time croaky voice, chant mantras (those I know by heart and those - I try to read from encrypted marati texts), adore the tilak, hug the aarthi, narrate the stories and most of all 'Explain the true meaning of a mantra or a story in the humanitarian way', etc etc. Saying this, I would also say that "I don't pray to the Lord for anything and I don't thank him for even the best of the day I had and greatly Never ever started to blame or question Him/Her"

I've asked my questions only to self and have answered or found the answers by self. No clause, no threads attached. Initially, I thought this is gonna be tough. But somehow it had been the other way round. I'd been more successful, more energetic, more responsible for my actions and above all I found peace in the world around me. It is good to feel that the question "Why me?" has been completely eradicated from my thoughts. Now a days it's only "What was the mistake behind this issue?" or a similar one. I am defenitely not asking anyone to follow the path I chose about true religion or belief in God, but I do ask everyone who believes really in the Almighty to stop asking and start thanking if you can. That might someday prove useful when you are hit with the biggest issue in your life. That's when you find answers to your issues rather than expecting an answer and blaming someone or something for no reason.

PS: Saw "A Wednesday" yesterday and I absolutely, recommend it to everyone in the World. The pick of the dialogues from the movie was "I am not telling you the name, because we related name to religion".... How true.....................

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I have always prided myself in not asking anything to God, like, i guess everyone else, but guess what, we are the losers !!.Ask and you shall be given. By asking to god, you are more clear on what is it that you want, and hence act upon it.It is in your subconscious, conscious, every fiber of your being.So ask, not necessarily to God, but to the universe, express in words, thoughts and feelings what you desire and proclaim the things you need. Read the Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I have some posts on her in my blog. But if you say people generally to ask, they might not ask, so you have a religion where you are to pray at set times, so atleast then you express your desire of what you want, search your soul for that brief moment and express yourself to yourself basically, which comes back to the saying 'God is within you' !! - More power to you. May you achieve all that you want in the time that you want !!

9:57 AM  

@ TAA: Ejjatly.... God is within you... My whole post was to say that why seclude ourselves to something called a Religion, if you know what your requirements and needs are. Why name your desires and your statemental interests as PRAYERS. Ask yourselves what you need, tell it to yourselves 'often' and go get it.... Rhonda Byrne - shall be visited for sure....
May YOU be with you..... ;)

11:04 AM  

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