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Beautiful Truth

On the way back from my vacation (Boston), I had to make a quick fuel stop in Ohio. There, I read this strange comment written on a local magazine by a professional photographer.

"I can never take a beautiful picture of my wife, since whatever, whenever and however she looks in reality, my eyes never sees like a photographer. She is my wife and she is always beautiful"

Don't know why this captured my attention, but I do believe that it is the truth in reality and holds good for your lover or girl friend too.
At least now I know where and how to look for in finding my future partner.

Hey Everybody: Sorry for being lost for a while. Been lately preoccupied with work, and loads of other stuff - work again. Trying to get the groove back in blogging.
PS: I lost all my bookmarks to a virus. So please gimme your blog address so taht I can drop in and give a comment or two.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Blogroll everyone!

8:08 PM  

u do remember me, dontcha captain ?


O boston a ? - *whistle (soft, extended)*

now, do i remember right ?

2:56 PM  

So true!! No wonder what people say, I always find aamir khan handsome! ;)

4:30 AM  

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