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I just witnessed something strange and unique. Anything strange to me, almost is like strange to everyone around. Walking towards the lab, I cross this small garden of dense trees and shrubs. In one of the trees, there was this guy (almost unnoticeable) in black Tees and camouflage shorts sitting midway in a tree and taking notes in a folder. As soon as he saw me, he wrote something.
With surprising look, I crossed him, avoided his notes, and walked two feet past him. Strangely, his position was enticing enough for me to come back and ask him, "Hi! Any chance you're a statistician or a psychologist?" (I had 'working for the CIA or hunting deer?' also running in my head). With an equally surprising look, he replied, "Statistician" and gave a puzzled look. I just smiled and walked off back to work.
The rest of my walk to the lab was all "Stop guessing things correct" relaying in my mind.

Take it that I am very busy and that I can beat even the bee in work. Also take that I am having ample time to throw around. I am living two lives at the same time. Anyway, top favorites for the (week) day are Island in the Sun by Weezers and When the Day met the Night by Panic at the Disco. Desi tops are Taxi Taxi, Marudhaani and Elay from AR's Sakkarakatti, Nimirndhu Nil from Saroja, Mausam Achanak from Love Story 2050, 3 more songs from Thoda Pyaar aur thoda magic and a few more new tracks.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, July 17, 2008


How weird!
Now I'm curious.
Maybe he was a bird watched.. and maybe you reminded him of a ... errr.. bird?

:D Hehe

6:55 PM  

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