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Of all human concepts that the extra sense has engendered in us, 'hope' by all means fall under the 'octane number 97' category. At times, it is like the carrot that is tied in front of a cart pulling horse, and keeps us running second after second, every moment. In my case, the carrot was the last line of defense I feasted upon, drinking almost 3 liters of carrot juice (the real one, along with 6x473 ml of Iced Tea, 2 tetra packs of banana-strawberry juice, among the gallons of water I gulped to keep myself off dehydration); just to keep my dreams alive. The past two weeks have been quite sumptuous in terms of cognitive research. Somehow, I managed to keep aside the myriad of frivolous issues (including writing a blog post) that usually clutter the gorge of space between my ears (and I'm sorry for not writing posts for a while) and focus on the bigger picture of my current life – my research work.

After intense work hours, numerous runs between the quarter-mile analysis labs, an intelligent eye for perceptive observations, plans for serial multi tasked experiments, compromising intellectual discussions, sacrificial axon growth with an average 3-4 hrs sleep per day, galvanic corrosion of mucous lining in my malnutrition-hunger stricken stomach, and a complex emotion of refusing simple and untangled results, WE (I and my advisor) ended up generating a plethora of answers that paved way to clarify muddled up facts, smeared up connections, blurred up conclusions, and an incoherent mass of organized entropy, our past research dealt with.

With this new insight, our subjective Zen of experience is efficiently serving to consolidate my dreams towards the end goal. Although, a curve of glittering and shimmering hope exuberant my face of radiant confidence, a sense of apprehension fills my heart in reality. The confound question of "Is this, also an eleventh hour crisis, which, I'm managing to take control of, or is it the tenth hour I'm pushing to the eleventh, as I'm taking total control in my hands?" keeps me at check.

Whatever may be the reason, I believe, it is time I consolidate my ammunition of carrots (including the real ones) and spend more time among the jungle of centrifuge tubes and nanoscale analysis equipments. May the future of science lie in the hands of the many uncontrolled, unsocial, rabid, sopor deprived, literature driven, lab rats like me ;)………….

Off the lunatic literature post:

I managed to end up in a temporary coma – at least that's what all my symptoms point to when I slept a 2 hour nap to a brain dead 15 hour coma.

Managed to dislocate my finger and break a long grown nail, in a game of cricket and am using it as an excuse to throw invectives at my ever close-kept enemies (the injury occurred in the middle finger :D)

Currently sit at the top of the MCT league among 300 men (26 teams with an average of 13 players per team) as the best fielder having 14 feathers in 7 games. It is strange, that people are interested in the i-phone I might win rather than appreciating my efforts to go into such a position.

Found a cool 74 year old person as a partner for my evening walks back home, who by all means showers me with his stories of experience and fun in the late 50's and early 60's.

I managed to work 62 hrs on a stretch (OK, had 5 hrs of sleep in between), and gather as much info as I can from a new analysis and thanks to all the productive results, my advisor in his own words is "having a nervous breakdown" for spending $250 for the analysis (It's at a freakin $4/hr usage charge).

And finally, I'm moving out to a new apartment, and this time of my life, I'm trying to recollect as many memories as I can related to the apartment I 'might' miss.

(I usually, end up searching for the right image before I post a blog. And this time, I keyed in 'Horse and carrot' and the first image that came in google images was the one shown below. Couldn't stop smiling as I saw it, coz it showered a bag of memories and a post I wrote a way long time ago... =))) )

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Careful.. you might turn orange.

:D No, seriously. I remember reading about some Indian actress who dieted on papaya and her skin turned orange

6:54 PM  

@ the Nut: Yup I know abt that fact. I saw that on one of the House M.D episodes (Season 1 I guess)..... If we become orange eating too many carrots, what color do we show for consuming excessive oranges??? :D :P

8:15 PM  

"In my case, the carrot was the last line of defense I feasted upon..among the gallons of water I gulped to keep myself off dehydration..The past two weeks have been quite sumptuous in terms of cognitive research..I managed to keep aside the myriad of frivolous issues ..that usually clutter the gorge of space between my ears.."

LOL - One can write a fucken book on the great H2S and his blog :)

But seriously dude - ure like as bad as i am - Do u ever do anything apart from Labwork and playing cricket ?

2:02 AM  

@ A: Lab work and Cricket is jus a fistful of sand u see flowing out. There's still a big sand castle hidden behind the actual blog.... ;)

5:10 PM  

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