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A Lot in Short

Joy: I had a two minute work in the lab (3:30 am), and unusually I had access to my roomie’s cycle. Spent 5 minutes in finishing my work, but cycled around the city for half an hour. While my orb-glass was draped in the cloak of the moonly mist, produced by the choo choo steam for life, my legs pedal pumped as hard and fast as it can, that the cold wind stroked my cheek as piercing as it can.

Sorrow: Censored :D

Pain: Got hit with a candle holder from a lunatic drunk friend on the radius. Even wearing gloves is hurting. I can't risk anymore injuries before the season. Got to stay active and alive

Thought: Here’s something for everyone. A man runs away from a mob. He enters a bridge. He is stranded by the mob from both sides. He decides to jump into the river beneath. Question: 'Why the hell does he remove his shirt before he jumps into the water? Does he come later to collect the shirt?' Strangely this happens in most bridge related videos and here’s one (Why the hell can’t I be normal not looking into things that doesn’t meet the normal eye?)

Serious: HUD (where did they come from?) made my house owner to reject us from renewing our lease for the next year. One more time I need to shift my house (I need to get a caravan soon)

Fortune: Someone already added an extra quarter in the washer when I went for laundry. Good luck eh! Well, I found a quarter and a nickel on the side. Lucky day eh! I opened the dryer and a crumpled, taught, dried, Hamilton green ten dollar bill, just dropped. We (roomies too) spent that money on Perkins food (Gosh! I had to avoid the concept of using money wisely from shorty, somehow)

Contemplate: Suddenly I want to believe in the existence of God. Coz if there’s God, then thereought to be a hell. So I’d rather believe in Hell and remain happy in the rest of my life leaving my sins to be punished in the eternal inferno of hell rather than, spending my punishments in the earthly world (confused?? I’m still confused over the concept of paying for one’s sins. Sin is a relative concept and that's the biggest problem of the human spirit)

Tex: (Tex – Wild guy; from my advisor :D) I’ve never done skydiving, but as I checked the some links, I’ve decided to do the solo dive instead of the tandem sky diving method (which means hooked to an expert) Is there by any chance I’ll be hooked to a beautiful girl? :P

Dilemma: KYNANOMAT 08 conference is up soon and am seriously rethinking of wasting my time (wasting? :o) in the name of spring break. PS I shall be using three days of my work time visiting my roomie (departing soon for his job) for his birthday in April

Bizarre: The same close friend who’d been advising me in not falling in love (err... He is not the only reason) for the past three years, has in fact had a secret love affair with one of my close friends (and that too for four years). ‘Hush hush’, they had been and I feel like Joey. Am the first to find it from both of ‘em. Get me a meatball sandwich and I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Play: Mr. Adamant(ly funny), is sleeping on the couch and talking to me for hours (as I work with my laptop) at night. I feel that he is missing my other roomie a lot (in the other room and is moving out for his career soon) and is trying to understand my frequency (I just resonate). If I don't reciprocate, he would use the Walmart Water gun he bought two weeks ago on me. Some day am gonna pour water over him as a wake up call...

Blessing: “How come I never see a 'proposal' in such a restaurant before? Does it happen only on the screen?” is what I felt when I had dinner in PF Changs. A few minutes later, I and my roomies witnessed a live proposal (the smart guy kept the ring in the fortune cookie). And there goes the poor guys fortune for the rest of his life (:D)

Oddity: Murphy’s law – By sheer coincidence, my advisor visits my lab at a time, when I’m either done with an experiment or am about to do one. It feels awkward for me to be the one looking to be stuck to the chair when he comes in. Today his timing was so perfect that, as soon as he saw me, I had to wear my lab coat and take a sample out. Strangely it might seem different in his eyes.

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