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200th Post: (I just kept my laptop aside and did a celebrating break dance)
With Deux (the previous post) rambling the few dew drops I generated to the brim (that never rained), I guess its time to get back to 'fun'tastic life.

With Power naps forming a weapon in disguise, I've been experiencing realistic dreams (scratch scratch....). What am trying to explain is, I can feel my dream, but I am also physically and mentally present in the real world. I am so tired that dreams happen in an instant I close my eyes, but I am focussed so much on my awakening time (an hour or two down the minute) so that I can continue my experiments, I know exactly what I'm doing in the room, or where I am etc. Strangely, this alpha state is working miracles, coz I've been concentrating on my 'to-do' list during such sessions and it is working magic. (my dream girl secretary looks hot)

Warm weather in winter - what does it bring into our dried eyes? Men, you guessed it right! Free shows from pretty ladies (Girls! now chill out.... Read to the end of the post and then decide upon my character). With the usual walks seeming to become a daily pattern in life, I decided to chip in a new sport just to increase my concentration skills. I managed to settle behind some pretty lady every time I walk alone (a few meters from her tantalising buxom :D) and started sighting the oggling eyes of the opposite passerbys (what is the damn word I forget every time I use passer bys). Catching the exact motion of the eye has in fact been the toughest sport I've ever encountered. Instead of me representing the various other fun stuff, I would suggest the readers to try it out. It brings laughter like anything. PS the fun is better when the oggling eyes are that of a girl and my sportive bait analyzer is a guy (how come they see him and not me? :( ]

About me: I realized recently that I chew 99% of my food using my left molar. I tried shifting it to the other side and the result was - I bit my tongue twice. Ousssssssssssh!!! Hope I don't end up in a fist fight with some locals and have my left molars spilled out.

Other than that: Never ever watch the movie 'About Schmidt' Somehow this movie brought me into questioning my lifestyle in the first case and the result was horrific. But I'd admit that Jack Nicholson played a wonderful role. Anyways, its 2 in the morning and I've got an hour before I run to the lab and pick my sample out from the reactor. All set and done for a wonderful life ahead....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, March 07, 2008


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