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Hmmmm… reviews, and that too from me. Let the agnostic God I believe in help you out. I’ve got a diverse bunch of aspects to cover in this post. So please bear upon with my skills of trying to ‘Sell a product’ in the name of reviews.

Movie: “Vantage Point”

A well directed masterpiece from Pete Travis. Watch this movie to understand the real mind of a terrorist. The only other movie that robbed my awe of a masterful treachery was Arlington Roadfrom Ehren Kruger (The Ring guy). But as my deeply provocative mind ever questions the frame for ambiguity, as I watch any movie, here’s one that made me go “That’s Strange”. Imagine a scene in a movie, when the hero or villain (in most cases) points his gun at an oncoming car, and then pulls out the driver of the car and then Vroooom… Wild Car Chase. Here is my question. ‘How come every time this scene happens in a movie, the driver ends up not wearing his seat belt (makes it damn easy for the gunman to pull the driver out)? Why don’t you just pedal to the metal and slam the gunman and continue your drive?’

Book: “Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy” by Jostein Gaarder

Now, now! Don’t get into conclusion that I’m a philosophical guy. (Strangely at the age of mid twenties, you take life serious – your called philosophical. You take life the fun way – your called wild. Hmm, where do I stand?) I got my answers from this book (at least a bit).

Magazine: “The Score”

A friends appeal to write a review on this magazine is the sole reason I decided to score this post in the first place. Well here it goes Alan.

“In a generation which opts to the mellifluous waves of depicting the inner conscience, which instead of silencing the expression of opinion, ramifies ones emotions into a mastery of character, the search for the right note has indeed been the greatest victory we, the new generation, have ever made”

Now whoever understood what I said above – consider yourself as ‘Tested and Approved for psychiatric therapy’. If you haven’t configured what I just ranted, then good, you’re normal. ‘The Score’ magazine is a first generation music oriented magazine that has been introduced back in South India. Unlike other contemporary music magazines, this ones special. It’s contents diverse right into the hearts of ‘all kinds’ of music lovers. Be it, a Carnatic fanatic (sounds rhyming) or a Fugazi azi, you’ve ended up looking at the right book. What’s other than music that captured my interests in holding its copy? It’s showcase on the aspect of being humane to the society you live with. ‘Silence and Darkness’ – a special part of the magazine, focuses on the ‘serve the needy and make the world happy’ side of the current generation. Long gone are the days, when all you did was donate money or clothes to show your interest for the improvement of society. Here come the days, where, you participate in rekindling the lost laughs of happiness from the souls of true needy. It is enough that we gave food for the hungry. It is time that we teach them how to cook food for themselves.

Anyway, before I get lost in the philosophical part of trying to be humane, I’ll walk out of this review on ‘The Score’ The oncoming special edition has pages on the true Maestro – AR, himself. A few peeks on Blaze’s rap, a slight Q&A with the jewel thief (Dev), a delicious entrée from Pedatha, a sneak peak at IIT Saarang 08, a head banging desert from Iron Maiden (they visited Chennai), and a lot more.

And Finally Culinary: “Jaunoodle”

(Definitely not girly) 2 eggs scrambled with a tint of condiments added to about 100 grams of boiled and fried mixed vegetables (everything and anything you find edible), is added to the boiling 2 minute Maggi noodles (Even if its Maggi, we try the chef way of life). Add chopped cilantro leaves to the mixture (am bad with culinary vocabulary), use a fork to noodle out the mixing procedure. Once it’s done, chip in a few mozzarella cheese shreds and viola – bon apetit. Variations suggested: no cilantro no probs, try pudhina chutnee on the side.

Off Reviews: Sachin’s back on form, and my team’s in pathetic shape. A huge deal of issues to look at, even before I can register the team for the tournament. I’ve had enough fluids to cope up with my cramp problems. Now it’s time to eat for stamina and work out for some pull shots. My work hours in experiments have gone up, but results are still holding back. The flower show was awesomaniacal. I wish I had a pure SLR in my hands. This week is extremely busy with evening life seeming interestingly skillful. And I just turned up the last call for volunteering in the ex Indian Presidents visit for research reasons.

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