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Fourth floor, third window from the right

'36 hours!' surprised, I checked the time on the walk signal. 23, 22 and ticking... Walking in a posture that resembled a mentally retarded patient, I imagined a chess board as I stepped over each white cross line. "HHHHHHOOOOONNNNNNKKKKK" and I shook off from my deranged imagination. Was it the combined effect of the acidic accumulation in my cerebrospinal fluid and that of a pseudo active short term memory recognition on the crossing ticker, I got furious over the car (which in fact, I looked only at the front bumper) driver. The debilitating, energy sapping, mentally forced, emotionally puzzled, wink hours led me to actually stretch only my middle finger. As the hand with its unique semiotic representation raised from my pocket, my pupil dilated in disbelief coz what I saw was native. It was no ordinary car. It was a cop. By the time my hands raised in parallel to his perspective vision, my forefinger (without prior brain signal) stretched in sync with the middle one and there I was, showing 'Peace' 'Victory' 'Rabbit Ears' to the cop. What happened for the next 30 seconds is still blank.

And there he was lingering in his usual limp-and-hold-pant-walk and punched me in his usual greeting style as I approached him after crossing the near f worded zebra. 'Yo Haarri! Ssssup? ' If it had been any other day, I'd have given him an equally enthusiastic 'Nothing much dude! Jus havin fun'. But today, yet again the sleep deprived inner alpha soul took control, and gave an answer which made me look stupid.
"A smiley face and not the invisible God"
"Huh???" his face was radiating confusion.
I said, "Sorry. Been on a stretch for nearly 1 and a half days. That's the smiley I've been talking about" and I pointed up at the fourth floor, third window from the right. And there he saw the smiley face that looks at me and makes me smile every time I walk past the building.

Off the pavement: Had a sleep like a baby nap for 4 straight hours, watched Big Bang Theory and wasted a few ten minutes writing my very own dialogues if Leslie (my most favorite character in the show) dated Sheldon. Later revisited all the theories, paradigms, corollaries, concepts that were mentioned in the Big Bang (Been years that I watched cartoon which were the only source of science I understood the most). Did a three mile jog just coz the weather seemed perfect for an outing. Played for an hour with a friend's dog and ended up being licked from head to toe. And ya before I go, what is that, which keeps me occupied at nights when I walk back home (coz most of the fun stuff occurs when am walking during the day). Well, I count lights in cars, check for tetris patterns in office buildings and do a lot of other crazy stuff. And finally for the first time I believe that the six degrees of freedom concept holds true even in getting information that supposed to be obtained in a single degree in the first place.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, March 14, 2008


Just a reminder. The Big Bang Theory is coming back this Monday, March 17 with all new episodes. It is moving to a new time period of 8:00 ET/PT. I can't wait for the new episodes.

9:28 AM  

I've heard abt it Ryler.. But unfortunately I don't have a TV thats in working condition. I'm still stickin on to for the episodes....

7:01 PM  

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