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One Hour

The time just jumped by an hour (day light or evening light savings or whatever). I've got to finish my report after post processing some data and I've been living the whole day on mints and water. Am going home to finish the report and sleep (or nap or a power nap at least or a wink might be).

Question: YOUR (assume) eldest twin baby is born at 1:59 am and the other actually is born at 02:01 am on the second Sunday of March (of course in the states). Several years later they fight and the argument comes to the point;
Eldest: You were born an hour late
Younger: No! I was born only two minutes late. It was the damn day light savings that pushed me to 3:01 am

Both come to you and ask which is factual. How would you handle this situation? As for me, I've got the walk back home now to think about a simple yet smart answer. Shall post it if I find one. :D
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, March 10, 2008


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