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It's 4:45 am (My watch still says 3:45 am) and it's minutes before I crash so that I get up for my individual meeting at 8:30

My hunger stricken tummy controlled my brain so much that here is my answer for the question the twins posted (assume guys) to me.
'Hmmm... Actually the main problem is, I don't know who among you is really the eldest coz somehow you guys got mixed up in the welcome party. And you guys looked so similar. You were like Twins (:P). I couldn't find you apart from each other. So me being right handed decided to make the right handed kid (pointing to the eldest) as the eldest among the two'

Pardon my insensitivity towards a thoughtful joke (the above statement). Am just feeling the weight of my eyelids on me. Anyway before signing off the day, as this Bard would tell u, lies the rub with my mind - I ended up questioning again.

Eldest Twin (Stick to this assumption): 'What!!!! You are not sure of who is the eldest among us?'
Me: 'Errrrrrr....' (will I still be using Errrr years later. Ah Crap.. This is assumption)
Eldest Twin: 'Errrr.... NO Errr..... dad!!! Why don't we try carbon dating like they do for animals to find who is the eldest?'

And that is my question my dear fellow researchers and scientists and of course benchers in IT industries. What is the boundary limit for carbon dating? Minutes? Months? Mesoic Era? ;)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, March 10, 2008


i absolutely DETEST your new template. Its too gaudy, the background clashes too much with the text color etc.

I dont mince my words when expressing feelings, do i? :)

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