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Past Presented Futuristically

Holding my tummy in agony of laughing for ten whole minutes, I pushed my nephew off me and got up. My brother shared the laughter and couldn't believe what I was experiencing. Rewinding a few minutes before the ten minutes of intense laughter.....

"No chocolate for you SON!" my brother suggested.
"Gah gah gooo. Ayyiiii Nhooooo" (I know) cutely uttered my nephew, and he stretched high and kept his tiny hands into the bowl of chocolates.
"Lewis Jay... Get your hands off there" blurted my brother with a loudened tone.
Instantly Jay froze, took his hands slowly off the bowl and turned his back towards my brother and focussed his vision on something in the kitchen.
"Off the kitchen. Come here" commanded my brother just to make sure Jay did not make any more mess in the kitchen.
Both time and space looked frozen around Jay. He never even twitched those minutes of command. Thirty seconds into his 'authoritative' way of growing up his son, my brother went angry and said, "Hey Jay. Now look at me when I'm talking to you"
Nope! The back muscles still resembled concrete to us. He never moved. I even assumed that he never winked focusing on the other side.
"When I'm talking to you, better look at me" he ordered one more time with a higher tone. An instantaneous time travel I experienced and there I was sitting on one corner of the dining table mixing my curry with my rice. Mom's eyes were moist and was about to flood her beautiful cheeks while dads eyes were turning red (no exaggeration. It does for real when he is angry). The same words echoed then. My dad saying, "When I'm talking to you, better look at me"
There he stood face down looking at the ground, both hands forwards holding together as if they were tied by an invisible rope, legs stiffened and eyes blinking in fear.

"Now look at me before I give you a time out" my brothers shouting words brought me back into reality. (Time out is what he uses for 'your grounded' to my nephew - more like a small punishment) There the brave soul took its role. Jay turned around slowly, had his hands holding each other exactly like my brother used to do in the past to our dad, raised his head towards the sky, and did eye contact with his father. Then he gave the cutest smile we ever got from him. Literally I was amazed, at this sight. The future holds interesting episodes from now on, I felt.
Then it took ten minutes for me to stop laughing. 'Like father, Like son' is going to be hell interesting.

Still with the family stuff: While my bro is freaking abt being an interpreter for the India trip (in September for his sons birthday to be celebrated in his grand parents presence), mom is cribbing about me not joining them to shoulder her emotions (I'm really becoming a bad son not even trying to consoler her now a days). Dad's already complaining about, he not getting a partner to practice his so called American accent, while my sister in law and granny are excited about going to watch the Taj Mahal and New Delhi. I, in the meantime have no words for my family members. I'm just trying to avoid them :(

Off the Chirra's: I and my roomie dealed a next summer Euro trip for ten days as we depart from India towards the States. Did the biggest online discussion with a few other nerds like me on Sheldon's phenomenon about Superman's effort to save Louis Lane. A lil disappointed I feel about my advisor informing me his absence for Monday's poster presentation (Damn! I finally have results and he will be not there to see me answer my pars). And finally somehow I'm introspective (statistically saying, at least once in every free mind time and that's every second today) about the statement my roomie gave me today. For he walked crazily lost trying to follow his memory towards the path that led to the post office, I was confused trying to point him that the easiest route to the post office is right there in front of him and that he followed me. His simple answer for that, "Chill. I follow my instincts and you follow your IQ towards distances and displacements." Though this sentence had nothing to do with the situation, somehow it looped me into introspection for which I'm still holding a question mark. Strangely I've been judgmental in situations where I'm supposed to follow my instincts. Thanks to it, am paying my price.... The weekend is gonna be one hell of a rot....
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