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Curiosity kills the cat. But Puddles here knows when to convert a peek into a peek-a-boo. I met him today (nearly after nearly two months I guess) purring and rubbing his furry back with another person. I was there to introduce myself to this gentleman and jump in excitement seeing him, but watching his son jump out of the SUV, and cuddle Puddles, "Ah crap!!! He'd have more fun with that kid" my good side spoke and I just walked off. Woo hooooooo.... Some saved milk and cat food for personal hunger (cat food's usually a piece of cooked tilapia or any other form of meat)..... Next weeks "Kung Fu Panda" movie's a dedication to the lost food and the slurped milk on my balcony...... PS, I'm not into pets and especially lazy cats...... But other kittens are most welcome to contact me :D ;)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, June 05, 2008


ha ha ha.. the ending note is funny. a Good one :)

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