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"This is fun. This is real fun", I said to myself as I continued laughing, trying not to figure out a reason, not to smile as I walk. Today marks one week of smiling-all-the-way as I walk to my lab and back home. No phone, no thoughts, no plans, everything is focussed on smiling and smiling only. And it is true - A smile is very contagious. Try it out... It shall keep your day happy.

Last Friday, I spent about an hour lying on the home pitch (cricket field) in complete darkness counting stars coz I was hell scared about the tournament. It's been long that I got captainship back and it felt a great deal after cording a great relationship with the team guys. From the heart, I'm neither the 'Cricket is Religion' nor the 'It's just a sport dude' kind of guy. After months of hard work, reading every skill of a team player, his background on studies and family (that might trouble his focus), their injury and stamina level, their compatibility with the hot weather, and a crap load of all other nuances of information and above all striking a tune of resonance with all, improving the team chemistry, I ought to be scared.

Saturday, I and Akki (the vice captain) both showed extreme shivers on the field while batting and both failed miserably. I scored a duck (after a long time) outta 5 balls (Can't believe that I froze my front foot in nervousness to an ordinary tempting ball) and to overcome my guilt of letting down the team, I gave more than a 100% to get two point blank extraordinary fast catches and a close call direct hit (ruled not out, but did throw the caution in the opponent on our fielding skills) to bring back the team into the game. Yet we lost since the team gave up hope half way into the opponents innings. Now, I need to rejuvenate their confidence level by boosting them in practices (which they showed excellently on Tuesdays practice)

One of the reasons I like going for these tournaments, is to have fun as we travel in the car for away games. This time, while returning, we forgot all about our loss and sang 'Chikku Bukku Railey' at the top of our lungs in 3 different languages and it felt very childish but awesome.

Had a tummy bursting laughter session with four awesome 65+ aged ladies while watching Sex and the City (I've never watched the TV version, but was pushed to see by my recently engaged sister-friend). The riot they caused with their walking sticks and shaky feet while moving down the seating rows was the pick of the week. Half way into the movie, one of the ladies just threw pop corn all over the adjacent rows in a frantic laughter session. Believe me, they might be 65, but they had hearts of sweet 16.

Spent a couple of hours of life walking through the various aisles of Walmart, and smile at nostalgic moments, and after Mach VI's oil change, I thoroughly enjoyed the car wash (was a complete kid singing la la la alone inside the car for an unknown song :D)

With the gas prices proving to keep me at bay, yesterday's 3 hour long(est) drive with my engaged sister (She sold her Petta Cruiser - her car and yesterday was the last night with it), proved out to be stress relieving. PS, I say engaged sis coz, I've been pulling hers and her hubby's leg a lot. She's all bubbly and shy and it's all making us laugh a lot.

I promised my colleague friend that I'd do the usual meditation for 8 days once I wake up (which I haven't done yet) and finally hold up to my professional life. Seriously, I haven't given 100% commitment to my research recently and it feels guilty. I need to work on it right away and all I need to do is just think for once.

Been lately acting on impulse and yesterday gave a dozen roses to a pretty friend coz I missed her smile. Too bad, I wasn't there to see her 'Huh????' smile on her doorstep coz of some darn work. With my ex roomie engrossed in his work life and she leaving soon too, I don't have anyone else, to whom I give first preference at. Desperately want to be with both of 'em and the rest of the gang, this weekend. But I'm still not sure about my availability.

Completed watching Bones Season 3 and yet another time, my forensic geeky knowledge has proved to make me figure out the murderer and the way the clues are thrown all over the season. Scrubs season 2 is really rocking coz this one's all about messages in personal life. Everyone in the house (except me) are mimicking characters from Scrubs and I can't stop laughing about it.

My bro bought me a Blackberry 8110 and that my dear friends is very special. PS, it's his birthday that's coming up and I get a gift. Ah... Good ol younger brother protected by the BIG BRO days. :( I'm missing my nephew and his gooey kisses.....

Finally completed 15 mins worth of household accounts after 2 weeks of planning (Damn - I'm becoming lazy), still got to clean my room, chase some roaches with bug spray and kill 'em the 007 style, climb up the apartments roof and have moon light dinner one night, carpent a modern art shelf (don't ask me what's it gonna look like. I'll post the pic as soon as I finish that work) to hold some of my stuff and finally get an apt apartment to live the next year and half to come.
The tip just looks as scary as the submerged iceberg. Start melting the tip and the lesser I need to worry on the submerged portion....... (Jus another wacky statement from me....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, June 05, 2008


Sometimes one reveals more about onself that one imagines through random ramblings :D

P.S. Did anyone call the men in white for you when they saw the ceaseless smile? ;)

10:05 AM  

@ the Nut: Hell Yeah..... But too bad that they turned out to be dentists searching for an alternate for laughing gas for their underpaid jobs...... ;)

1:11 AM  

Ah! The one stop solution for abrupt sobering

11:09 AM  

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