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I just wish I had something or someone to blame it on.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I have doubts??
I believe everyone has someone around to blame him/her for his/her own deeds irrespective of who he/she is.
*Confusing?I know I know!!!*
I suppose you need someone in particular?Do you?

9:50 AM  

@ Sach: The question here in my case is not about the someone or something I have in particular but 'Blaming or not blaming'

Somehow I've stopped blaming things on others or on myself and just continue with life instead of ruing on the issue aching my head.... :(

10:22 AM  

Blame WHAT on ?

2:13 PM  

Use George Bush... he won't mind
Hell, everyone does man... it's a fad these days :|

1:26 AM  

@A: A lot of few.... ;)

@ the Nut: He's gonna b done with his terms soon... Whom should I blame after him????? :(

3:50 AM  


Shoba de?

12:01 AM  

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