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"A Change is what everyone wants" - This is exactly what I said to my long lasted roomie yesterday night. And it is very true that, that everyone includes me too.

It's been quite a while that I did something different, peaceful, soulful, unexpected, out of the blue. Last night, after a heavy meal, I and my roomie, we both went to an unchecked parking lot near our house. Soon, in a couple of minutes, we decided to hitch through the dark bushes and explore the lions cave.

About a minute later, there we were watching on either sides of the iron road wanting for life. And we got life in the beacon of a powerful light. It was the dormant goods train. It was the same train that disturbs us during our late night movies with its choo choo. But today, its choo choo was pleasant and peaceful.

Sitting on the nearby railings, we counted the boggies at the back, felt the cold wind off the train (by Bernoulli effect) sending shivers through our spines, felt the vibration of the heavy-tonned wheels pinning the I-rods rising through our bones, the beats of the movement incrementing with every boggy, and finally the choo choo fading away in thin air. Seconds later, we both were childish enough, to run behind the train, keep our ears on the railing and feel it disappear into the outskirts.

Moments later, there we were sitting, on the central of the three iron roads, telling each other the things we missed during our busy lives, the things we should have done or said, the things that are things of utmost importance, the things of life, the things...... and then the silence got broken with the light brightening our faces.

One more train, snailing towards us. There we sat, intimidated by the light and the honkers we were soniced into as he sped into the lions pace. We sat all while long, waited, waited, waited...... A few feet before our thrones, we looked at each others face, and laughed. Yes! We laughed. We laughed coz the train was on the adjacent track. And we knew it all way long. But, it was the laughter that we shared made us realize what both of us were going through. Silence filled our hearts, while the trains rhythm filled our minds. We both had a sighed smile on our faces as we watched the giant pass us unnoticed.

One more train later, we stood on each railing and tried balancing ourselves for as long as we can. We spoke about the physics, biology and psychology behind the balancing act. We laughed yet again, joked at the passing medical helicopter, and walked half a mile on the tracks. We returned back to our spot, and told my roomie "You have changed for good"
"You too Hari", he replied with his genuine smile and we walked back home.

Something filled my heart, a feeling of hope, a feeling of self satisfaction. I then realized, "Change doesn't happen as we think or as we force. It just happens unexpected and unnoticed just like love"
Thanks to it, I shall survive with a smile......
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Choclates is a girly thingaaa??..:O where did that come from...:D so what is the guy thing?? beer? fiddlesticks- choclate by the way was invented by a guy - it is supposed to effect the areas of the brain that control the emotion of elation and trick the brain into thinking that u are not sad or demotivated..scientificallyproven

I am not talking about the things that masqerade as choclates in the american choclate name-- :D but real choclate!

4:24 PM  

@ Fily: Beer, by scientific terms, is also good for health coz its also known as liquid bread (with the right amt of nutrients). But as the adage goes, "Anything in excess is poison" and that holds true to chocolates too.
Nway, Chocolates, were never a part of my liking. If u met me, it means U'd met 3333 people in life and their liking to chocolates. I am one of the 0.03% of the rare world population who hates "ANY" kinda of chocolates or even the whiff of it :D ;)
Do inform me, if u make it to the 6666 people count in ur life... I never found one from my life so far..

1:14 PM  

"Change doesn't happen as we think or as we force. It just happens unexpected and unnoticed just like love"

This is the most profound thing you've written (at least in my eyes) so far :D

Very very very very very (did I say VERY?) true

7:37 AM  

@ the Nut: Sometimes am profoundly obscure..... But it's part of human nature.. Ain't it???? ;)

9:19 AM  

All i can say is, i felt nice after reading this blog. Never do we realise in our lives wht we have forgotten. We never realise tht thr's beauty n satisfaction in abundance filled all around. It just takes few seconds may be to admire the tiniest things tht we see. just like wind breeze making the leaves dance, the flowers blush. May be i am writing too poetically, but these little things really work wonders. Try it !!!! Sure, loved these lines......the "Change doesn't happen as we think or as we force. It just happens unexpected and unnoticed just like love......"
Beautiful and so true !!!!!!!

1:51 PM  

:D Definitely!
Maybe.. ;)

9:37 AM  

@ Jiauri: If u read most of my posts, thats what exactly I'm doing in life.. Admiring the world around me rather than the ppl around me. A pleasant and most times a hurting weapon....

10:15 AM  

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