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And the verdict is......

The verdict is "Step Back and Start Over Again"

The above words along with the new phrase 'These results are frustrating!' finally broke the barrier in my research life. I am not feeling gloomy about the fact that I need to restart my research (which I've spent working on for the past 2 years) and spend qualitative cognitive time in securing my PhD. The joke of "I'll graduate in 2 years and I've been saying that for the past 2 years" is finally becoming true.

How I'm going to achieve it? I don't know. But I sense that it is going to be a fun ride for the next twenty months. I have no clue of how I always end up as a 11th hour crisis handler even after immense planning and organization. Well, let me just face it..... Am good only at the last minute.. Else am a sucker :D

Things funny, that happened over the past month:
1. I had to say really bad, bad, bad........ bad PJ's to keep a good friends' friend from sobbing in the airport. I had to even snatch flowers from a friend of mine and offer it to her.
2. I and my best friend checked two sets of ear rings and we employed our photography skills (color, aesthetics, aspect ratio, etc) to buy it. Fortunately, before paying for 'em I asked this newly wed lady about the selection, and she wasn't able to take her eyes of it. The poor husband was given a scare of buying more for her. He just blurted out in agony (with a sheepish smile) that he spent 3 hours to get her the necklace and now this comes from nowhere. I can hear his conscience screaming "Why God? Why??? Why me????"
3. I saw the whole 4th of July fireworks while driving on the interstate. It was of great beauty as I zipped through heavy slow moving traffic at an excess of 30 mph over the legal speed limit (or was it the traffic speed). I felt as a King being welcomed into the big city.
4. I'm turning into Mr. Hitch. In less than a week, I've given advice to 4 different friends (of very different character) on why they screwed up their relationship (only when they asked me I went for their help. Otherwise I don't intervene) and a plausible solution too. Funny fact is, they took my advice (as such - strange :o) and ended up throwing me a shy smile later in the day. From now on, a consultant charge of $10/hr is to be paid.
5. Today, I went to the court (second time in 10 days) for over speeding reasons. Waiting for the judge, I helped this 40+ lady in getting the stuck vending machine snack. As it happens as always, she turned out to be the judge and after terribly calling my full name (sounded like alien language to me), she apologized, smiled and said, "All charges have been dismissed and Mr. Harry (I corrected her earlier), drive SLOW!!" I ended up giving her a scratchy smile.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, July 10, 2008


OMG!!! Talk about luck! :D
See, chivalry isn't so bad after all innit? Can you please teach the morons in my school that?

Also, we cant afford a 'consultant;
Would you consider an agony aunt column

Err.. I mean.. Uncle

P.S.The research part sucks man :(

5:39 PM  

lucky abt the judge!

8:29 AM  

@ the Nut: Am getting too fortunate now a days. Got a free pair of glasses from Walmart coz they broke my 4 year old one while trying to repair it. Got an extra $20 worth tickets from a theatre coz they swiped my card twice while trying to refund a return ticket and finally I got 3 dollars of the street and the strange thing is 4 of us were walking and everyone noticed it as some paper rather than green money.....
I just hope this luck carries out in research

10:05 AM  

@ Amooma: The judge has to be lucky for finding a guy like me among convicts (:P) who can help her get her snack out..... :D

10:06 AM  

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