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Small means Big

Hope everyone are cognizant about the sizing factor. Briefly, the more you divide a particular object into similar smaller objects, the smaller ones have immense strength and other properties. As an example, it's always hard to break a small twig of 1 cm length than its branch (of same thickness) of a meter long. I guess this intro is enough for the forthcoming theory.

Moments ago, I had a great answer for a random query posted at me by a good friend. "What happens when a heart is broken?"
"Hmmm... Intere'S'ting question"
"TECHNICALLY SPEAKING...... the pros always exceed the cons."
  • The more one's heart is broken, the more is the surface to volume ratio, which means, its got immense potential to imbibe or absorb or in romantic terms, someone else's love. (In the con terms people call it vulnerability. But that's also related to the mind)
  • More the pieces mean, more is the data storage for short and special memories. Allocation of these heartful memories can be alphabetically sorted (depending on the names of the partners you've been with - A for Anita, B for Bhumika, C for Chitra, D for Deepa, etc :D Strangely most Indian girl names end with A at the end....)
  • Smaller means, an in depth analysis is needed to see what exactly is there in your heart. Which implies that a powerful eye of the new future partner, is expected.
  • If you consider them as jigsaw puzzles of various moments that determined the relationship in your lifetime, then you can have fun trying to jumble them to find an answer, and the good news is, it's easy to find what the missing was easily.
  • Then what else... hmmmmm..... errrr....... ahem ahem..... cough cough..... (Damn! You are a nanotechnology based researcher.. Think dumbo..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....)
Then something solid hit my head. Not an addendum to the above analogies I tried. But a serious blow to the head. The next thing I remembered was immense pain on the skull and I can see one, two and three tweeties saying 'I thawt I thaw a knuckle whack' 'I did. I did! I did thaw a knuckle whack' . I just had been knuckled hard by my friends fiance.

"What was that for?" I questioned in pain. And the only reply she gave me was a hysterical series of gasping laughter and a pointed finger to the door.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... Bow Bow... Woof Woof...... and I walked out of the house leaving them to continue the discussion on broken hearts and mending it together. Outside I just hoped my friend doesn't get a knuckle on his empty skull too. Three floors down I heard an empty vessel being hit. "Ah! Poor chap! She gave one to him too.. Tsk tsk tsk tsk...."

Off the gluing hearts: Watched Wall E (Preview show 12:01 am show) and wow and double wow. But the triple wow goes to the pre preview show 10 min cartoon (animation sort) of a smart rabbit and his magician. Once I find the video, I shall post it online. You'll all love it.
OK... Am swamped to finish this post right away. I shall add the rest of the off the gluing hearts in the next post.
Been listening to One Year and six months ago, Memories, Beep Beep Song

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, June 27, 2008


Did you see broken tweeties? Or whole ones? Ok, Ok, sadest joke.. I know :D

BUT, rotfl-worthy theory. I was laughing at your analogy :D

@Strangely most Indian girl names end with A...*
I remember reading somewhere how Female Indian names almost always end in vowels and male ones end in consonants..

9:47 AM  

Whole ones wearing silver pans as helmets..... :O
Worthy Theory???? That's a peach of imagination trying to fix a near broken relationship. Atleast after a day I found out that they laughed at the analogy.
Names of men ending in consonants.. hmmmm... Ur right... I just wasted another 5 minutes of lab time thinking names :(

10:13 AM  


Badri? Mani?

1:23 AM  

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