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Definitely not confused. Just a Blurt!

Somehow this quicksand is different from the rest. This one's already sunk me to the underbelly and this time it's too personal. I can't kick sand to sink faster and I can't yell for help coz am stranded in nowhere. This is never me, sinking silently. I hope the pit is shallow or the best thing, I hold my breath and dive deep into it searching for a wormhole.

But the real truth is "Am smiling at the route I took before I walked into this trap"

Mom though knows the reasons that made me an atheist, she wants me to pray to The Lord; The one final act I'm resisting to ensure my integrity in self. Dad finally understood that I wear the religious chain in the memory of his words and deeds and not in respect for the Lord. But I am trapped in a world which makes me regret even believing the existence of someone miraculous above me to a level that I want to break open the shackles of my life and the chain and throw it far and deep into the ocean, never to be found and felt. I am too bold to go anonymous for the rest of my life. Fuck Reality. I'll fucken recover somehow. Am too proud to fucken give up so easily.

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, July 04, 2008


For some posts, writing a comment is kinda inane... right?

So... you get 1 BIGGG HUGGGG and 3 "there..there" pats on the back instead.

P.S. Not to sound idiotic, BUT, I still believe there's SomeONE or SomeTHING up there; albeit with a sick streak of sadistic humor which surfaces time and time again, especially when we don't need it.

Dunno about you, but I feel stronger every time after the poop hits the fan..

1:37 AM  

@ the Nut: Thanks for the hug and pat...

3:48 AM  

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