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Ice Ice Baby....

"Ouch... That hurts", I grumbled inside, while smiling as if nothing happened. Three hours later, my shoulder bone was killing me coz of the ram I had with another player during the catch practice. Good fortune that, one of the sponsors gave me a zip lock bag filled with ice. About half hour later, it was all water and the pain subsided a little bit. Now, I needed more ice to heal the bruise, at least before the game about 12 hours from now. But the fun fact is, I'm working in the lab on an important alternate experiment, that I can't get out of the lab for the next 5 hours (not even 2 mins for dinner - Whoopieeesssss... Am back to form)

Now, with 'ice' a major reagent to alleviate my pain, I had no other option but to generate some ice in the lab (or to break open the office room to access the ice machine). A strange sense of madness crept into the mind of this so called graduate scientist.

Minutes between my experiment, when I have to wait for three minutes, I decided to use the same zip lock bag and DI water to prepare some ice. Now, the important factor was, "I don't have the time to wait for the water to freeze in the lab refrigerator into ice". Lucky for me, there was some left over liquid nitrogen in the other lab. Tried to use it for freezing the water. But "Crap... The pressure was playing its part with the freezing point of water" A thick trash bag, a diaphragm parafilm and an old vacuum pump was all I used to generate low pressure.
A couple of minutes later - Eureka!!!!! Ice.....

A few strips of lab tape was all it took, to hold the zip lock bag with the ice, over my shoulder for at least an hour.

Things I learnt from this experiment:
1. Frozen ice made using liquid nitrogen - strangely has a longer melting period.
2. Zip Lock bags contract in liquid nitrogen and are brittle
3. Both the above points + strap-duct-taped Ice holder - hehehehehehehehehehehe hahahahahahahahahahahaha huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, tickles tickles tickles tickles.... as the cold water trickles off the broken bag over your shoulder.... Brrrrrr..................
4. This experiment just made me work an extra half hour on my experiment and I have another 2 hours before this experiment ends, and then I've got to go home for dinner (about 3:15 "a.m"), have a 90 min nap before I wake up and drive the team to Dayton and face the toughest team in the league at 10:30 am (2 hr drive, 1 hr breakfast and 90 mins of pre game training).

About the team:
The guys just love to crush me to death.
1. When I bat during practice, the whole team's vocal strength, happiness level, alertness, muscular reflex and speed and above all comments on my skill goes exponential folds. They are one when I bat. I use it in big ways to improve their chemistry and to bring back a boredom filled practice back on track. So if you see me bat during practice, it means, its time for the guys to beat boredom and laziness.
2. Everyone is a LA Lakers fan. Lucky for me, I used it to my advantage and watched the 4th awesome comeback game of Celtics and had enough fun with the guys. I can't believe how much I poked each and everyone when the Celtics (yup.. Am a team work supporter and Celtics don't have a single man team) won after a 22 deficit from first half. And I can't believe how each and everyone supported every other player (and of course Kobe of Lakers) when I enraged a lone soldier war.
3. Each and everyone likes to be in my car during an away game coz I allow them to sleep while other drivers insist that everyones awake coz they don't drowse off during the drive.
4. Every bowler throws the ball before he bowls, coz they feel am blessed and that might get them the wicket (Even I believe it sometimes)
5. These few cricket months are the only time when I'm not called Anna or Bhai or any other thing. I'm one among them. Just makes life easier to live in.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, June 15, 2008


I absolutely strongly refuse to have anything to do with reading or commenting on your blog unless you change your template into something thats a bit less of a pain for my poor, already over worked pair of eyes !


11:15 AM  

@ A: Piss off A... :P Go to bed and take a nap.... :D

11:23 AM  

Sir, are you the Chairthing of the Accident Prone Syndicate? Do you accept new members now?

11:30 AM  

hmpf - run a vote, shall we ?

Put a poll on dude -

"Is my blog template as crazy and unreadable as A claims ?"

Ul know what others think too, wontcha ?

12:24 PM  

@ the Nut: I have a VP post open... Plz send in ur broken resume.... ;)

1:58 PM  

May I apply too?
(Am sure there ll be a huge night blogger's comm who are unemployed and wud love to send in their resumes!)

4:12 PM  

Hey Hari.was reading your blog after a long time. one thing i remebered immediately was ur brother diwakar. guess it would be like 15yrs back. we had a science exhibition and diwakar took dry ice in a handkerchief and was keeping it in everyones hand. you can guess wat would have happened I sitll have the souvenir in my hand :-)

5:44 PM  

@ Sachi: Hmmm. seems like there's gonna b a close competition between u and the Nut... Well, u can always match fix by breaking some extra bones :D

@ Murali Anna: Wow... Now that's something I never knew abt my bro... How much he gets excited with such science expts... Too bad, I turned out to be the one who's banging my head on science

6:41 PM  

@ Murali Anna: PS, today's his birthday... I'll rekindle his memories on this :D

6:42 PM  

another birthday every one is getting older i hate birthdays lol :-) covey my wishes to him

7:23 PM  

This is one hell-f-a do you manage it?? desperately needed:-)
PS:-How is the pain now???no news on that??

3:24 AM  

@ Sid: A single Tip - Think abt love and its rejected repercussions. Now try to avoid it by doing work - u get occupied heavily and betterly....

The Pain - Has vanished into thin air.. But if I concentrate and think harder abt the shoulder, I can feel the pain... So I tried not to think

1:52 PM  

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