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CPR in scrubs

Summer is all I have, to wear my khaki shorts to the lab (I guess I did grow a li'l taller this year coz my knee length shorts are all of the mini-me types). Anyway, with the Univ safety department demanding mandatory pants during experiments, involving chemicals, I stuck to the Blue Scrubs I was gifted by my ex-colleague, as he moved out of the lab. Today, was yet another LAZY day, that I decided to walk out with my scrubs on to the University post office.

"Son!!!!" a crude voice reverberated at the background.
As I turned I thought 'Son????? :O' "Yes Sir!"
"Can you tell me what courses are offered during the first year of medicine?" and he gestures to a girl sitting on the nearby patio to join the discussion.
'Woah!!!! P R E T T Y...... (and I was about to salivate on the open) She is too beautiful to be his daughter' "Sorry sir! I am not into medicine"I replied as I watched his daughter walk towards us.
"My mistake son. Thought you were a doctor looking at your scrubs", he apologized sincerely for disturbing my day dreaming.
Smiling genuinely at him (and a li'l bit at the girl in a different way) "That's fine sir. I use it in my lab during my experiments"
Smiling in return with a li'l puzzle in his forehead, "Thank you son. Good, that you don't have a steth on your neck. Someone might really take you for granted and might ask you to help out" and he slowly started walking away with his girl.

Was it, the beauty of the girl or was it boredom in life, I don't know, I just blurted out the most stupid joke/attempt, just to make the girl turn back.
Smiling with a tone I blurted, "I did do a CPR course. So, if 'YOU' get a heart attack on the road, I can help you out sir....."
His smile turned immediately to 'Huh.... You want me to get a heart attack? Psycho.....' look and his face reddened, "Excuse me????"
Reading his facial expression, I decided to leave the ground with a 'woooooosh' sound. But somehow, my eyes compassed to his daughter and there I noticed a small beautiful smile on the joke.
I gave her a wide sheepish smile, and said to her dad, "I said, I can do CPR on you, if you get a heart attack by any chance" and gave a confident stand.
I expected something hard from him, but he just replied, "Thanks son! I'll make sure I get a heart attack in your presence" and walked away laughing
I gaped at his funny man to the earth attitude and just walked in the other direction.....

And then I accepted the fact that the man did deserve a pretty daughter like her!!!
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, June 18, 2008


that a awesome post ...You have articulated so well ...every emotion and reading the post was fun ...
keep writing

4:53 AM  

she dint say a word all along????..i tell I hate these beautiful yet "away from this world" kind of girls...sometimes wana ask them-what would they take to come down among us mortals:-))

3:21 AM  

Think and eat choclates for a bit ! (for what u just removed..:))

1:44 PM  

:D I have the same shoot-from-the-mouth disease at times...most times :(

7:40 AM  

@ the Nut: I hope, ur shoot from the mouth is too make guys turn.. If its the other gender.... :D - do invite me to witness the act....

9:12 AM  

@ Sayani: Dankoo... Shall try to post more episodes once I encounter 'em

@ Sid: The only thing that can make them come down to us is "I don't have an answer Sid"

@ Phily: I just tasted a gram of chocolate just to go thro the torture and ended up making a facial expression which made me throw out of the restaurant literally :D

10:20 AM  

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