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(Filarial - I'm reposting this post and the reasons - Read the post above it. PS, I am not the chocolaaaaty style one. That's a girl thing :P. By any chance do u go for shopping too?)

Just some random things happening in life. Don't take too much pain in going through it. Just carry on with your lovely day....

Wisdom is pain in the Jaws: The final wisdom teeth has finally crept from its dormancy and thanks to its awesome point of entry (lower left molar zone), I am having a terrible pain on one side of my face. This, seems to be the sole reason for my migraines coz now I have more of 'em attacking my daily routine intermittently.

Self Rotten Truth: In three years of PhD life, this Thursday was the most disgusting day in my self conscious life. Thanks to last months sickness and a few more factors, my research productivity had gone to the drain. I despised myself for what I've done and not done; said and unsaid; created and destroyed, and finally for what I am and what I'm not.

First things first: Finally in the third game I did what I was meant to do. Score good. Scored 33 in 16 balls and made sure my partner ran 25 odd runs (as if chased by a rabid dog) to get his 42 in the last 6 overs. Registered my teams name as a formidable opponent in the tournament and also my name as the best fielder in terms of wickets (Got 8 feathers on my cap in 3 games). PS, I made my debut last week in terms of bowling and took the wicket of the one person our team desperately wanted to send out.

Dreams: Six days it had been that I've been dreaming (That's a new development. It's rare I dream on a rot) about something worldly (dreams are supposed to be exaggerated) and with the same bunch of characters. But the pick of the dreams I want to happen in reality is to cross this long bridge amidst a heavy thunderstorm and flash flood warning, in which the river which am crossing rises to a tide high enough to wash me and bicycle off the bridge. But, somehow, I just hang on to one of the cables and laugh hysterically. (Crazy? I don't know. But am in a murderous mood for a couple of days)

Roof Stars: I stared at the ceiling for how long that it was so long and expected to see stars on it. Nearly after 20 days, I spoke to my parents and all I did was use 'Yes' 'No' 'Nothing' 'You tell me' 'Umm Hmmm....' 'K' 'Sorry' as part of my 90 minute conversation. Never felt bad and better at the same time. Immediately called, my ex roomie and we answered most of our questions in silence, sighs and laughter.

UG: Strangely, I recently realized that it had been 3 years off the last bench. While all of my fellow friends had gone up ladders in their respective fields, I feel broke and stopped in the quest for something I started my life for in the first place. Right now, I'm in the "Is there anything, that will go good in my future life?" mode. I know that I would recover from this mode soon, but what would it take this time of my life is the big question I face.
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@ the Nut: Hugs to u too girl... Make sure that the joke is not a 'knock knock' one.... :)

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Knock Knock

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@ the Nut: Who's there?

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