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Rising Fall

When the grasp on the coffee cup becomes too rusty and hard, I understand, it is time to consider the weather as "Winter's started" And with every winter comes a new shower of early dehydrated leaves (Am using this 'dehydrated' word a lot). Pre winter jitters are a fun part of the season at least in my case. Once more, while I wear shorts for a walk to the lab - it turns out to be below 10 Celsius (4 years and still I don't know what range it is in Fahrenheit :D) and when I wear full sleeved rugby Tees, it is a grill.

With every fall comes lil' moments of fun. Moments like, you turn into a kid and run towards a pile of dry leaves, kick them as hard as you can, then as you enjoy the shower of leaves, on the corner of the eye you catch a glimpse of the University leaf blower fuming steam through his ears, and you walk beside him as if nothing happened, and smile at the way you just avoided the mob of leaf blowers (well, it happens a lot in my case).

Somehow this years fall is bringing with it a few more tricks on its own and along with it 'a true sense of motivation' for my post doc options. Somehow, I feel that I'm entering into the 11th hour crisis mode which eventually to my past satisfaction has always guided me into the right direction.

The new route to the lab from my home, though extremely short, is turning out to be a path of enormous fun coz it runs through the backyards of several houses. I am starting to like the hang of it (yeah, I truly despised this new route, which lacks fun in watching people walk by and across you) to a level that, I managed to cross the traffic laden road (the only 15 seconds I get to watch the road) every single day in under 10 seconds (never waited for the walk signal to turn green :D - trust me, there never had been a day, that I made it uncomfortable for a car driver to wait/brake for me to cross).

Anyway coming to the reason for this good mood post (in spite of 7 hrs of sleep in 52 hrs and more to come), today I just witnessed something worthy to share. The late 20's creche/kinder garden/really really small children lady teacher took a pile of fall leaves (of course from the pile gathered by the leaf blower), and threw it all over half a dozen children who can't even utter a complete sentence. While, the entire public of fall students din't even bother to notice it, I enjoyed the sight thoroughly. The kids just had fun like they always used to do. And to add to it, I din't even feel partially sad for not having my camera (or my bro's new SLR which he insists on not lending me - he din't even tell me about it for two months after the purchase =(().

I don't know why, but while all the guys are a lil sad about the winter making all the hotties wear ankle length pants and hiding their clevages with sweat shirts, I am just waiting for the campus kinder garden children to wear fur of multicolors in the angelic snow, like they always used to do every year.

Now to the real fall: Today I saw my best friend/ex-roomie have his first experience of "Life comes at you not just fast, but zipping fast" In his shower time of 10 mins, his car got towed ($140 to retrieve it), got a ticket in TN ($105 - speeding on a slope) and the mastercard moment was - we both laughed on the fact that "Easy money in, easy money out", as he was given 2 grand for moving charges into the new job and place. Guess, it's time for me to stop writing anymore in sleep mode..... I'm high on adrenaline....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, October 01, 2008


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