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When it comes to leading a fun life under extreme work stress, I rule my own kingdom. Somehow, I get so charged up that my creative thinking goes beyond imagination. Here is a gist of two funny things I did over the week (Been lately extremely busy with some goal driven research:D)

Incident 1: After extreme brain crunching research, I decided to take a break by visiting a very old buddy of mine at his home. The times when he heard about computers, they were the size of a football stadium and so, he never was good with his new table top PC. He uses it to e-mail his grandson and other family members, and most of all, uses it to copy the photos into cd's. Recently, one of his niece' daughter gave him a circuit city gift card which he used to buy an external DVD to save the memorable videos into DVDs. Unfortunately, we discovered that the writer had issues of not able to close the DVD holder (and thanks to the gift card, we ended up not getting a replacement). He was extremely depressed, not coz of being stranded from writing the videos, but mainly coz, he hates throwing new polished stuff (it's also an object of his grand daughters memory).
Somehow my spidy sense glowed the bulb over my head, and I ran to the garden he had been maintaining for years, and brought a couple of flowers and sand. I took, one of his medication water plastic cups, threw the sand in it, planted the flowers and with a big smile gave it to him. As expected, he threw me a puzzled look. I stood in a lanky stand at ease position, and necked my head towards the new broken DVD writer. It took me nearly a whole minute, cranking my neck, moving my eyebrows, mumbling Mmmmm Mmmmmm, Hmmm mmmmm, etc to make him throw a wide smile of "Good idea lad". He placed the cup of flowers in the DVD drive and we just managed to convert a broken DVD writer (drive) into a cup holder. I had a good stress relieving smileful walk back home.

Incident 2: This one's the naughty part (you'll call it crazy). On a weekend night (say around 3 am :D), I managed to hitch to Walmart in sleepwalk. After getting my stuff, I realized that I'd been under a work schedule and I had no fun the whole day. So decided to become naughty. I took a pack of AA batteries, walked to the watch section, put batteries in four of the alarm clocks, set the alarms to 3:16, 3:19, 3:22, and 3:30 am, kept them at separate shelves of the clock section and continued my shopping in the nearby sections. As the alarm set off, this middle aged man came and turned it off. Three minutes later, again he had to come to turn it off. He gave a suprised look. Three more minutes, and he brought his friend and both looked as if they just witnessed an aparition of a ghost. The best thing was, 8 minutes past my waiting, I saw the night manager, also examining the clock section. I was so naughty that I set my alarm in my cell phone (nearly the same ring tone) and did shopping beside them. As the alarm in my cell went on, I waited till all three of 'em turned to me with their "Another alarm?" look, and I turned it off and said to them, "It's time to work. No more fun for me" and walked to the counter to finish my shopping with a big naughty smile.
Though I feel bad like the sheep who cried Wolf, somehow, I am still smiling on being playful. What can I do? The level of business is getting 'ALARMingly' taxing :D

Off the incidents: I am meeting a hell lot of strange men, and it makes me wonder how strange am I to them. I had survived an entire week with $24.74 (Not a miser, but just been extremely occupied with work). Did a full theoretical online course on glass blowing. Now all I need is a few hundred dollars to pratice it in a shop about an hour away from my place. Very well, nothing much interesting to mention. Basically, am self-swamping for a shift to the fifth gear soon.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The kind of stuff ur out doing - u might end up getting locked up in a nuthouse - Youre strongly recommended to get health insurance covering this eventuality :)

9:38 PM  

I hope they don't see my act in the recorded security tapes.... :D

9:19 AM  

Ada paaavi!!

9:49 AM  

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