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Screw Up the Screw Up

"Sob.. sob... sob..... Damn this cold. My eyes are watering" Yup! I am one of those guys, who tears profusely for a bad cold and sometimes when I Yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnnn... Whew... That was long....

Well, I'm also from one of those rare breeds of sixth sensed mammals from naughty apes who has this interest in picking up gravel from construction piles and start throwing stones at aimed telephone poles, pots, etc. But with the lower back problems seeming to age me twice as fast as I can cell multiply, I had to quit this practice of mine for quite a while. Fortunately, the constance of exercising a simple routine enabled me, to control my back problems. And the recent weekend camping trip, proved a vital testing ground to check on my back problems. Hiiiggghhhhyyyyaaaa!!! My back felt awesome and fine even after lifting loads of friends, sitting in a cramped up navigator seat (yes, for a change I didn't drive the car), canoing against the wind upstream, etc.

So, with the recent improvement in health (the back is back), my interests in picking up a stone and spiraling it into the sky seemed a perfect temptation. As I walked past the construction area, my eyes saw this glittering piece of rock so finely crafted that, instantly, I dropped my shoulders down, bent my hip, picked up the stone in a two step march, and focused my eyes on a pole about 20 meters in front of me. Thanks to the cold I developed from the camping trip, and the head down position, my lachrymal glands tickled a bit and out gushed foggy tears that blinded me. Strange thing was that I was already 90% done on my effort to hit the pole, and the momentum just let go of my arm and there the stone swirled at an F1 pace towards the pole.

As both my fore fingers were busy trying to squish the tears out of my eyes, I heard a sound so familiar that my brain conveyed the message "Oh OHH! Did I just break a glass" I opened my eyes and saw that the car parked about another 20 meters behind the pole had a cracked right front window. "Crap!!!! Just hope it's no the stone" and I walked near the car. Those few seconds I literally prayed that it was not my mistake. A couple of feet away from the car, I noticed again the glitter on the stone - the same stone. "You too Stonus!!" Wrath at you

"To walk or not to walk unnoticed" was the next big question, but eventually I ended up writing "Sorry for breaking your car window. Do call me. I'll pay for the repairs. Thanks - Harry"
About half way down the walk I reran the note in my mind and immediately my pupils dilated, I froze, then came back to senses, laughed, and nodded in disbelief for not writing my contact no in the note. PS, I laughed for using my American name to make things easy for the conversation. "My rotten routine screw up luck - I just love it" :D

Off the rotten luck: Just now, I had my third century of sneezes. Feels so happy to know that I can also get sick. Culprit - I've been sleeping too much now a days and that's screwing up my immune system (And I better go to the medical cafetaria and have soup after finishing this blog).The soups in the cafetaria are just perfect for my cold. It kept me focused for three whole days already.
My team just screwed up big time against the weakest team in the tournament and that means, I can't take a vacation on game days again ever, and we need to win 5 out of 6 games to go into division 1 knock outs.
I hate lawyers who intervene and try messing up with me. Now, I need to wait another year (oops, next year is thesis time, so no chance), or two to get back on track and do some karting for my sponsoror cum manager cum mechanic. Truly saying, America is not a land of opportunities.
My head aches are back and the strange thing is it aches in shadowy places, but feels perfect under the scorching sun (am going back to 4/5 hr sleep cycles). Had unlimited injuries in the trip and that's very unusual.
Ek Lau & Phas Gaya from Aamir, Umeedain by Soch, and most of Del Amitri songs are running in loops. I want to see Kung Fu Panda one more time soon. Loved the escape of Tai Lung from the prison scene. Truly a masterpiece of imagination.

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, June 11, 2008


:O Ada paavi!!! Omg!! LOL! I was just imagining the reaction of that poor dude who car you molested :D

Rotfl @ You too stonus

Hope you feel better now... Harry
*snicker snicker*


11:15 AM  

@ sniffle sniffle... better??? am battered.... Had 102 Fahren... Managed to gobble a couple of Vanilla milkshakes yet and got drenched in the rain while walking back from the lab....

11:43 PM  

Nice way to get a cold though, innit? :D

11:27 AM  

how funny.....though I hope (n infact m sure) that u r fine now...since the post was a while back n i was out of loop at that point of time...
PS:- You actually intended to pay for that one-you are one good guy harry- and have you met your sally let:-)

5:08 AM  

@ the Nut: Yup, but the crazy side of me, made sure that I played a lot in the sun and walked on a broiling day to drive the fever off. The cold - it's part of my daily life now a days

@ Sid: Sally :O - Been bombarded by sallies all over... It's abt choosing the rite Sally.... :D

2:02 PM  

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